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This U.S. capital city and power center features neoclassic monuments, countless museums, and cuisine to satisfy every palate. 

Our Top 5 Restaurant Picks in Washington, DC

Brasseries, French, Cafes

Le Diplomate pays homage to French café culture by providing a comfortable place for everything from a cappuccino and croissant on a lazy weekend, to a celebratory dinner out with friends or just a drink and dessert at the close of an evening.

Seafood, American, Cocktail bar

Pennsylvania 6 is inspired by their love affair with all things craft and sophistication, and their menu is sure to impress even the most refined palate. Perfect with any one of their beers, craft & bubbly cocktails, or wine features, Pennsylvania 6 DC menu items are the perfect indulgence to start your weekend.

Farmbird wants to change the way people think about chicken. By combining the rare pleasure of a perfectly roasted chicken with bold flavors that everybody loves, they hope to put a new spin on the nourishing, sustainable food they grew up with. Their menu items are prepared from scratch daily using fresh ingredients and classic techniques. No freezers, no fryers, no microwaves. Farmbird chickens are raised humanely on an all-vegetarian diet without growth hormones or antibiotics on regional farms in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

American, Italian

Rose's Luxury offers innovative dishes with farm-fresh ingredients. Don't miss the pork sausage, lychee salad or coconut milk ice-cream. Rose's Luxury does not take reservations, but we assure you it's worth the wait! 

American (New)

Honeysuckle features dishes from Chef Hamilton Johnson who has built a career combining unique and familiar ingredients in untraditional ways. At Honeysuckle, his South Carolina upbringing, passion for Nordic cuisine and dedication to classic techniques align in comforting, thoughtful food.

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